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How to Prevent Mold Growth On Your Deck


Developing mold on your deck is never fun. Take these steps to prevent it from ever becoming a problem.

Wood decking, and even some kinds of composite decking like uncapped variants, can end up encouraging mold growth. A big benefit of composite decking is that you can get a material that has protective layers on it to prevent anything like mold, but if you haven’t made that investment, it’s important to know how to stop mold growth in case you start to have issues. Mold isn’t just unsightly, it can actually be a health hazard to you and your family, so it’s critical that the issue be remediated quickly. Below, we look at how you can prevent mold from growing on your home’s deck.

What Causes Mold?

Mold can develop from airborne pollens or leaf litter among other things. Since mold spores are so lightweight, they can easily get caught up in a breeze and land on your deck. From there, it takes the right set of conditions to actually encourage mold growth. Water, air, the right temperature, and a food source like leaves, debris, or pollen can all encourage mold to grow on your deck. While you may not be able to avoid heat, you can certainly keep your deck clean of water and any debris that may be causing you issues with mold growth.

How to Clean Your Deck to Minimize Mold

You’re going to want to clean your deck off at least twice a year, but obviously, this should be done more often if you’re noticing issues. It all depends on what the climate looks like as well. If you’ve been keeping up a regular cleaning schedule, you may want to look into mold inhibitors, which can be applied to keep growth at bay. It may sound rather simple but the best thing you can do to prevent mold from growing is to keep a regular, strict cleaning schedule and do the same kind of maintenance that you’d do for the rest of your home.

What About Powerwashing?

Powerwashing can be an effective way to clean off decking, but when you’re dealing with mold, you want to avoid this. All that pressure can end up pushing mold material further down into the deck’s material and let it fester, which makes it less visible and more likely to become a real problem for you down the line. Powerwashing should always be used with caution and only by someone who knows what they’re doing, but regardless, you want to avoid using a powerwasher when you’re struggling with mold.

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