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Picket Fencing 101

Picket Fencing

As far as classic fences go, there’s nothing quite as iconic as picket fencing.

Picket fencing goes all the way bay to colonial America, where they were built to keep chickens in the yard and protect the gardens. Over time, though, carpenters began to introduce new details to the wood parts and add a level of detail and artistry that wasn’t seen before. Nowadays, picket fencing can be done with a number of materials like vinyl, metal, or various composite options. Picket fencing is such an instant classic that everyone knows and loves so let’s break down some of the basics.

First, Some History

You likely associate picket fencing with the bright white fences that dot suburban neighborhoods. This is because in early America, most of their architecture was based on Greek Revival, meaning lots of creamy-white paints. This color eventually faded away but Colonial Revival styles came around during the early 20th century and, since then, has been a critical part of the look of picket fences. While that white color is iconic, there are actually quite a few materials that can achieve this look.

Picking a Material

There are a number of different materials you can use for picket fencing. This includes wood, a classic that is available in all kinds of varieties from budget-friendly options to treated pine or redwood. Wood requires a decent amount of maintenance however, which is why many are turning to synthetic options like vinyl. Vinyl has a more glossy finish than painted wood does, but it never requires painting and will last for years. Composite options are also available and may remind you of composite decking, with wood-like textures and prefinished stains.

A Variety of Styles

Beyond the materials available, you can also opt for a number of different styles. This includes the classic picket fence look, but other styles like turned Greek Revival pickets or functional spear pickets. Opting for picket fencing may be influenced by your desire to play up the traditional look, but that doesn’t mean you ought to settle for a boring old fence. Take a look at all the options out there and find a white picket fence that works for you!

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