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PVC Decking Vs. Composite Decking

PVC Decking Vs. Composite Decking

The deck installation industry has come a long way, meaning that you can marvel at various materials and designs.

Today’s discussion is about the difference between PVC decking and composite decking. Long gone are the days when homeowners only have the option of enjoying a wood deck. The deck installation industry has come a long way, meaning that you can marvel at various materials and designs. It can be quite a task to narrow down the best option with that in mind. However, we’re here to help keep you well-informed. Here is how PVC decking and composite decking differ. 

PVC Decking Defined

PVC consists of artificial materials and is 100% plastic. It can mimic wood’s coloring, even regarding high-quality wood options such as mahogany, ipe, and redwood. It’s an easy-to-clean and low-maintenance material that prevents problems such as mold and insect infestations. Nor do you have to fear PVC splintering when you powerwash it. In addition, contractors can customize PVC decking with ease. 

Composite Decking Defined 

 Like PVC, composite also consists of synthetic materials. While it contains wood pulp, recycled plastic is also a part of its makeup. More specifically, composite uses high-density polyethylene, the same material used to make milk jugs, detergent bottles, and buckets. This material also comes in various colors that can complement your home’s architecture. Composite is also insect-resistant and holds up well to moisture. 

What is a Capped or Uncapped Deck?

Both these materials can come in a capped versus uncapped deck. Uncapped decking is the more affordable option but more vulnerable to mold growth without the proper maintenance. On the other hand, a capped deck provides extra protection by utilizing a hard outer shell. Capping takes place during the manufacturing process. For that reason, you’ll want to inquire about this process before deck installation begins. A capped deck ensures durability and performance. Also, some caps have UV Ray protection that inhibits fading. 

What’s the Better Option?

Both are valuable options. In the long run, PVC decking and composite decking are cost-effective because you’ll have to do less work to keep these options pristine. In addition, they’re both durable options that offer various color palettes. The main difference between the two is that PVC is 100% recyclable. It’s also a lightweight material. Therefore, if you want an Eco-friendly option, PVC is the better choice. Another difference to consider is that composite still contains wood. Therefore, PVC might hold up better during the winter months

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