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Reasons to Consider a PVC Deck Installation

Reasons to Consider a PVC Deck Installation

You might not know quite as much about PVC decks and their benefits.

When looking for a true alternative material to traditional wood decking, you’ve got a lot of options. Among them, capped composites and PVC decking. You might or might not be familiar with the benefits of a composite deck. However, you might not know quite as much about PVC decks. Here is a quick guide to what a PVC deck is, its benefits, and when it may be the best choice for your next deck or porch project.

PVC Decking Can Withstand Moisture, Foot Traffic, Dents, and More

PVC is short for polyvinylchloride, which is the world’s third most widely produced form of synthetic plastic polymer. Chances are you’ve already got some PVC products in your home. PVC-clad windows, trim, and lattice are all PVC products, to name a few. Because of its unique chemical composition, PVC is a durable material that is quite resistant to dents, insects, moisture, and flames, making it a wise choice for various decking and porch projects.

PVC Decks Contain No Organic Content

That means there is nothing to promote any mold growth, a considerable concern in damp areas like marinas, lakes, and beachfront properties. Moisture resistance is the top reason why a lot of homeowners and contractors pick PVC decking for all waterside applications.

PVC Decks Resists Insect Infestation

A lack of organic content also means there is nothing for those hungry bugs to feast on, so no need to worry about any creepy crawlies destroying your beautiful outdoor land space.

PVC Decks Resist Dents

PVC decks are very well-suited for high-traffic spots. Plus, whether wet or dry, it is slip-resistant too. Another bonus for your contractor: the boards are lightweight, so they’re much easier to carry and work with than your wooden deck panels.

PVC Decks are Flame Resistant

It might not be the very first thing that most people consider when picking decking materials, but flame-resistance is an essential consideration if you live where fires are a top concern. In these locations, look to see if any decking that you’re considering is code compliant regarding flame spread indices and wildlife exposure.

PVC Decking is Very Easy to Maintain

Just like capped composite decks, PVC decks never need re-staining, repainting, or refinishing. An annual cleaning with some mild detergent and water is typically all that is required to keep your boards looking at their best. Of course, always check with your decking care and maintenance guide before you use any cleaners or chemicals on your deck.

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