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How to Improve Your Deck’s Overall Look

How to Improve Your Deck’s Overall Look

It is essential to consider both function and form when designing your deck.

Outdoor living spaces are some great investments you could make as a homeowner. They add greatly your property’s overall value, boost your curb appeal, and give you the ideal space for entertainment. To make the most of this investment, it is essential to consider both function and form when designing your area. Read on for a couple of handy tips to help you achieve an attractive and functional deck!

Decorate Your Edges

A deck looks much larger when the space is strategically decorated with plants and furniture. Create a floor plan that will help you maximize the space, making sure to decorate your edges too. You can add some railing planters, outdoor furniture, and free-standing containers around your perimeter that will help you draw the eye to the deck. If you have a rather large area to work with, consider creating some seating spots with different vantage points. This will help make your deck look and feel a lot bigger and provide many more places for you and your entire family to relax and enjoy the view.

Use Colors for Impact

Just like the interior of your house, your deck will benefit a lot from the use of color. Colorful plants, outdoor cushions, and accessories can help put your personal touch onto your space without sacrificing beauty or comfort. When choosing colors for your deck, you could draw inspiration from the other exterior design elements of your home or from nature too. Contrasting shades can boost visual impact while complementing palettes help create a pleasing and calming feel for your deck. As an experienced deck installer, we can help you pick out colors that highlight your deck’s very best features.


Installing LED lights on your deck ensures the exterior of your home looks wonderful when the sun goes down. Here are a few excellent lighting options for you to consider:

  • Hidden ceiling lights
  • Railing post lights
  • Subtle lighting for the ground of your deck
  • Rustic lanterns and lamp posts

Landscaping and Plants

Flowers and greenery add life to your outdoor living space, as well as help your home blend seamlessly into your home’s property. There are various ways to do this. Planters could be built into the railings or elsewhere to hold all of your favorite blooms. Also, if you have a lattice wall or custom pergola, you could plant climbing vines and create a beautiful green wall.

Spending time on the landscaping of your deck is also crucial. You could create a hedge with trees and shrubs, add flower beds and rock-walls, or construct your deck around the various trees in your backyard.

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