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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

The weather outside is fantastic! Know what that means? It may just be time to get out there and clean your vinyl fence.

Getting your nice vinyl fence clean is easy, cheap, and something you don’t need to do often. As a result, there’s no real reason not to take advantage of the nice weather we’re currently having and get out there to give your vinyl fence a good cleaning. As easy as vinyl fences are to maintain, they are nonetheless exposed to outdoor elements constantly and that means they are going to get dirty. Let’s take a look at just how easy it is to keep your vinyl fence clean this spring.

Try Vinegar

If you’re dealing with some real deep dirt, you may want to use vinegar. Believe it or not, vinegar is a cleaning solution that will work for most things, including bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor applications. Just make sure you’re looking at vinegar that is suitable for green cleaning. You can also dilute your cleaning solution by mixing in equal parts water, which makes it less overpowering and helps it get washed away easier. Try a half cup of white vinegar mixed with a gallon of water. For deeper stains, you can add even more vinegar. While there are commercial cleaning products available for vinyl fences, many of these are overpriced for what you get and we’d much rather you save a penny on maintaining your fence instead.

Get it Clean

Once you have your cleaning solution ready, start by wiping the fence down. Dip a rag into your solution and go over your fence once. You could also put your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray the fence down, wiping it once you’re done doing so. You may need to do a few passes to really get those deeper stains or dirty spots. Once you’re done with this, you can hose your fence down to remove all of your cleaning solution and get rid of any physical particles that may still be stuck to your fence.

Cleaning Other Vinyl Surfaces

This basic cleaning solution can actually work on vinyl decks, siding, and all kinds of other surfaces. The big benefit of vinyl is that it doesn’t fade, requires very little cleaning, and will last for a long time—so if you don’t already have a vinyl fence or deck, consider installation this spring!

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