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Why Your Vinyl Deck Needs Vinyl Railings

Vinyl Railings

Vinyl railings are the perfect addition to your deck and have a number of big benefits for homeowners.

So you have a beautiful deck in you yard, the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying nature. And for reasons of safety and beauty, your deck should have railings. But how do you find the right material for the railings? If you’re looking for a strong, durable, but cost-effective material for your deck railings, look no further than vinyl.

Low Maintenance

One of the greatest things about vinyl as a material for fences, decks, and railings is that it is so low maintenance. Wood requires lots of upkeep, including scrubbing or even power washing and then painting or staining periodically. Iron and other metal materials sometimes require priming to prevent rust. Vinyl, however, doesn’t need any of that. It won’t fade and all you have to do to clean it is wash it with soap and water.


The low maintenance quality of vinyl railings is part of what makes them so cost-effective. The initial cost of a vinyl deck or for vinyl railings will likely be more than for the same thing in wood. However,  over the years, the money you don’t have to spend on cleaning, painting, staining, or otherwise maintaining your vinyl deck will far outweigh the difference of what you paid upfront.


There is a huge variety of styles and colors of vinyl railings available. The vinyl material can come in solid colors or in patterns. It can even mimic wood so that you get the wood look without all the upkeep. And when it comes to accessorizing, vinyl doesn’t disappoint. You can still have traditional looks and ornamentation, or you can opt for something sleek and modern. There is no shortage of possibilities.


The many different styles of vinyl railings means that there is sure to be something that meets your privacy needs. You can choose a raining style with the balusters very close together to limit the view from the outside. There are also vinyl styles that include privacy panels, usually made of lattice, that can be installed over the railings for additional privacy.


Finally, vinyl railings are also incredibly durable. Vinyl is about five times more durable than wood and it isn’t susceptible to any of wood’s weaknesses. It won’t fade or rot over time, even in coastal environments with the constant assault of salt water.  It also won’t be damaged by insects, such as termites, eating it or boring into it for their homes. Finally, in some cases, the vinyl pieces are made with aluminum frames for even great durability.

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