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Why a Vinyl Railing Makes More Sense for Your Deck

Why a Vinyl Railing Makes More Sense for Your Deck

Vinyl railings and fences are used in several different applications.

There are many different kinds of railing materials available for your deck. Vinyl and wooden have been competing in the railing and fencing industry for years now, ever since vinyl joined the outdoor living market a few decades ago. Vinyl railing for its flexibility or “give” and its tasteless and lack of moisture for early homeowners. These days, vinyl railings and fences are used in several different applications. Because vinyl looks somewhat like wood, most people compare the two when planning out the installation of a new deck railing. They both offer a traditional, classic look, but why should you choose vinyl railing over wooden? Here are some of the reasons.


When comparing vinyl to wood, wood is quite vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. You may have to repaint wood railings occasionally to maintain the color and conditions of your railing. UV sun rays can easily damage bare wood through photochemical degradation, which in part can change the composition of wood by destroying it. This causes a loss of pigment and can eventually lead to rot, mold, termites, and fungus. Vinyl, on the other hand, requires almost no maintenance. You can easily clean it off with a hose or pressure washer. A vinyl railing never requires painting either and is resistant to termites and fungus.


When it comes down to the style of your railing, the choice is yours. Both wood and vinyl are available in many different forms, products, and sizes. A vinyl railing is often viewed as a doppelganger for wood, so if you love that classic wood look but are concerned about the responsibilities and maintenance, then think about a vinyl railing instead. Although wood has a bit more of a “natural” look, vinyl is often fashioned to have the proper look of real wood grain buy offering a nice clean, crisp look.


As you begin to shop around, you’ll find that vinyl and wood railings are available at a variety of different prices. The total prices will fluctuate depending on the warranty, quality, and design features. Typically, wood may cost a bit less than vinyl. However, a vinyl railing has a much longer lifespan and tends to come with lengthy, protective warranties. So, in the end, it makes more sense to pick vinyl to get more bang for your buck.


When it comes to longevity and strength, wood doesn’t hold a candle to vinyl, which is designed to last you a lifetime. It might bend or expand in extreme temperatures, but it will last you decades with minimal maintenance.

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