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Wood vs. Vinyl: Why a Custom Vinyl Pergola is your Best Bet

Wood vs. Vinyl: Why a Custom Vinyl Pergola is your Best Bet

Pergolas are simple to install and easy to match with your home’s current style.

Are you considering buying a brand new pergola? It is an excellent option to consider. With classic, airy designs, they are a popular choice because they’re a minimal addition to a business or home, are simple to install, and easy to match with your current style. Most can also be set on a pre-installed and leveled-out base. For that semi-shaded, relaxing place to unwind in pergolas can hardly ever be beaten. But there is one question that many buyers often have: do I buy a wood or custom vinyl pergola? Here are some of the comparisons and differences between the two, and why you should consider a custom vinyl pergola over a wooden one.

Which Lasts Longer?

Both pergolas have a similar lifespan of use. However, the difference in maintenance is key here. If you are looking for a pergola that requires a bit less work to maintain, then a custom vinyl pergola is for you. Wooden pergolas tend to chip away and require more maintenance, like a paint job or stain periodically. It all comes down to your own personal preference here, but wouldn’t you instead pick the material that’s easier to maintain for the same lifespan?

Which Needs More Maintenance?

Speaking of maintenance, wood siding won’t last long at all if it isn’t maintained. It will require periodic staining and painting if you wish for it to age well. A custom vinyl pergola can last for decades without any significant care, needing only the occasional power washing to keep it from looking shabby.

Could Vinyl Blow off or Crack in the Wind?

There is a slim possibility of this occurring, but vinyl is resilient, especially when it’s brand new. Over the years, it can become a bit more brittle, and a fugitive stone from a lawnmower blade could damage it, but it’s highly unlikely to blow off in winds if it’s been installed correctly. That’s why we recommended going with a company that knows how to install a custom vinyl pergola properly, like Eastern Shore Porch and Patio.

How Long Does the Paint Last?

The sun is paint’s top enemy. Good quality pain should last you around seven to ten years if the pergola is in a shady area, or even a year or two less if they’re in direct sunlight. Finishes for your custom vinyl pergola come with a lifetime warranty usually, but we find that the matter of the fact is paint and stain do wear out a bit more often than that if you wish to keep your pergola in the best shape possible.

Trust Eastern Shore Porch and Patio

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