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Year-Round Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Your Deck

Year-Round Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Your Deck

As with any section of your home, you want your deck to be in the best shape possible.

As with any section of your home, you want your deck to be in the best shape possible at all times. However, the changing seasons bring different challenges with it to your outdoor oasis. This means that maintenance must be performed accordingly to keep everything looking nice. In this blog, Eastern Shore Porch and Patio will discuss the many ways on how you can maintain your deck during each season. Read on to learn more!

Late Spring: Wash, Clean, and Seal

The milder weather of spring creates a perfect chance to wash your deck. Start by removing any debris that might have gotten lodged between the decking boards, especially if they’re composite. For this task, you might use a putty knife or a lengthened groove and crevice cleaner if you’re not a fan of bending over to clean everything. Remember to cover the shrubs or plants around your deck right before you scrub down.

Sweep the debris off your deck after removing them from the boards. Make sure not to sweep them back into the deck’s crevice. Consider some custom decks made of composite and synthetic materials, as they’re one of the easiest to clean. After you wash everything with an appropriate cleanser, allow it to dry for a period of at least two full days before sealing with the sealer or stain of your choice.

Summertime: Inspect and Repair

Take advantage of the summer season by inspecting your deck for any indications of rot and areas that might need repairs. Pay close attention to your decking boards, stairs, ledges, beams, joists, and perimeter posts. Inspect for any damage by using a flat-blade screwdriver. If this screwdriver sinks into a spot more than a quarter of an inch, the chances are your deck is starting to decay. Contact a certified contractor should you notice any decay. A composite deck will not rot at all due to the synthetic materials it is made of.

Fall: Extensive Preventive Maintenance

If you did not get around to cleaning your deck this spring, fall is the next-best time for you to do so. You might also perform preventive maintenance by trimming nearby trees and bushes at least 12 inches from your entire deck. Do not forget to remove the pile of debris and leaves after trimming. It is also a good idea for you to rearrange your deck furniture so the paint color underneath each item does not get chipped away.

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