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Essential Things to Know About Deck Footing

Essential Things to Know About Deck Footing

When you are having your deck built onto your home, then chances are you’ve probably heard your decking and patio contractor discuss deck footings.

When you are having your deck built onto your home, then chances are you’ve probably heard your decking and patio contractor discuss deck footings. However, believe it or not, some homeowners do not actually know that much about deck footings. There is a lot to learn about them, especially if you are currently undergoing a brand new deck installation. Read on to learn four fundamental things about deck footing for your home!


When your deck is being built, the footings have to support two different kinds of loads, live and dead loads. The dead load of your deck is the weight of its permanent elements like it’s posts, railings, beams, decking, framing, and stairs before the live loads like furniture, snow, or people are even on it. According to deck construction professionals, most building codes require decks to be able to support up to 50 total pounds per square foot, with about ten pounds going to the dead loads and the remaining 40 for live loads on the deck.

Soil Consistencies

This might come as a bit of shock, but your property’s soil plays a huge role in your deck and your construction plans. This is because since soils vary a bit, their ability to support a load varies too. For example, loose-soil has a minimum load-bearing capability compared to heavy clay and other compacted soils. With that in mind, it is a good idea to get in touch with your local building department to ask them if your soil quality is suitable for your deck building project before you even start to plan it. This will save you time before you really get started on the installation process this fall.

Codes and Slopes

On the other hand, if your deck’s posts will be set on sloping terrains, special attention will be required for your deck. When it comes to this situation, you will have to meet the specifications of local codes for both depth and construction while also needing about seven feet of soil from the very bottom of the footing up to the surface.

Drainage Tips for Your Deck

Finally, most building codes do require that a deck footing has at least three to six inches of gravel in the very bottom to allow water to drain away from the post. This is very important for the construction process.

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